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Business and IT solutions

Prime identity is an expert in the field of Business and IT solutions.

Prime identity is headquartered in Lebanon and is focused on delivering business and technology solutions to the MENA region. We deliver a unique solution based on the Right Solution for the Right Requirement.

We partner with our clients to address their Business and IT challenges.  Prime identity’s Team of experts work closely with their clients to ensure that their demands are being addressed in the most efficient manner.  We work together towards the development of unique solutions that meet their immediate and strategic needs.

With over 75 years of consultancy, implementation, integration, operations and security experience among our management team, we are best suited to handle the challenges that face any organization today.

Our team is composed of highly experienced and dedicated professionals in IT and Operations through most of the business sectors: Financial, Telecommunication and Government sectors.  

We have developed strategic alliances with key system integrators that deliver solutions to these sectors. Based on our name Prime identity (Pi), we are unique in what we offer and what we deliver.

Our commitment is to deliver on our promises